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Kat Moser is a fine art photographer intrigued by mystical and ethereal representations of the female form throughout art history.

Archetypal images of the female form float in the subconscious minds of women across the world. Captivated by artists’ constant fixation on the feminine silhouette over the course of art history, Kat reinterprets Impressionist and Pre-Raphaelite paintings to reframe the enigmatic woman as not a subject of the male gaze, but as a potent image of the divine feminine that transcends time and place. 



 New Visions





Nude & Figure: Julia Margaret Cameron Award

Julia Margaret Cameron is a renowned photographer from the late 19th century Pictorialism movement whose artful portraits of women and children are as raw as they are ethereal. Mother Moon is just one of three images of mine that won awards in the Nude & Figure category.


Color of Emotion

By reimagining traditional depictions of women… I intend to illuminate their radiance and strength… and to reflect my own solidarity with today’s growing women’s movement.


Early Amalgamations

Returning to my first explorations of layering images allowed me to realize that I still see in this way.


Filling space in a beautiful way - that is what art means to me.
— Georgia O'Keefe

Instagram : @katmoserphotography

A space for me to share my process, new work, and inspiration…